Auditions: Office Takes


Office Takes is the first installment in the Auditions video series. Throughout Auditions, Milton and a series of participants (composed of amateur and professional actors, the artist’s mother and a practicing psychiatrist) switch roles between a Casting Director/Boss/Analyst and an Actor/Employee/Patient. Investigating therapeutic techniques and acting exercises, the act of “talking to the chair” eventually erupts into a theatrical performance.


Auditions, Access Gallery, Curated by Shaun Dacey, 2011

David Look
Elizabeth Milton
Tilly Milton
France Perras
Markus Ploesser
Tara Travis
Marcus Wu

Residency Support
Jesse Birch
Allison Collins
Jenny Gagalka
Liz Park
Carol-Ann Ryan
Marina Roy
Fan-Ling Suen
Sarah Todd
Kenneth Yuen