Soap Opera With Chocolates


Soap Opera with Chocolates is the third installment in Milton’s video installation series, Breakdowns (2013-2015).  Mirroring the emotional collapse of a central female character, the surrounding set and props enact a surreal breakdown and transform into new objects and materials associated with the gaudy glamour of consumer culture.

Filmed within the hidden confines of a suburban chain hotel’s Roman Theme Room, Soap Opera with Chocolates centers around a weeping woman having a bubble-bath and emotionally eating chocolates. The narrative soon spins into an operatic performance of altered identity as the shiny allure of accumulating chocolate wrappers drape the character in a golden skin and transform themselves into the garish glitter of a sequins gown.

Video Installation

Love and Rockets, VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver, 2017
Curated by Derrick Chang

Spirit Gum, Nanaimo Art Gallery, 2015
Curated by Kara Hansen & Jesse Birch

Hans Goksoyr

Production Support
Zuzia Juszkiewicz 
Sheila Poznikoff

Casta Diva (Bellini, Norma, Act 1) performed by Maria Callas