Downfall was an immersive video installation and live performance that was performed as part of the Shooting Gallery Performance Series in Vancouver, BC. Exploring the spatial and conceptual relationship between the backstage and the front stage, Milton hovered above the audience in a loft where costumes and props were housed and enacted a comedic tantrum that could be heard by the audience below. A video depicting a troubled ‘starlet’ was projected below on the main stage while Milton flung a mix of vocal cries and tissues over the banister. Cutting between the projection and the actual space of the stage, these tissues soon turned to heaps of falling theatrical snow blanketing the audience in glitter and initiating the movement of the character from the screen to the live space of the stage. 

Live Performance with Single Channel Video 

Shooting Gallery Performance Series, Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret, 2017
Curated by Sarah Gallos

Photo and Video Documentation
Sydney Southam

Production Support
Richard Clark
David Look