St. Theresa’s Basement


In collaboration with Sheila Poznikoff

St. Theresa’s Basement is a multi-channel video work that utilizes documentary structures to trace the private activities of a Catholic women’s group (made up of 20-30 senior citizen women). Meeting monthly in the basement of a Catholic church, the members of the group produce theatrical productions as year-end celebrations. These ad-hoc performances, produced and performed solely for one another, initiate anarchic ruptures in the codes of day-to-day behavior. Milton and Poznikoff investigate the relationship these collaborative performances have to a seemingly conflicted history of vaudeville, performance art, religious ritual and feminist practice by allowing the provisional nature of these theatrical events to take focus before the camera.

Three Channel Video Installation

This is Uncomfortable: Relational Dissonance in Recent Video, 2010. Gallery TPW, Toronto
Curated by Gabrielle Moser and Arpi Kovacs